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Partnering with TIRN to Promote the Best Research

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A driving force behind many of the American Society of Transplantation (AST) Transplantation and Immunology Research Network's℠ goals is the creation of collaborative research opportunities within industry and academia that are critical to advancing the science and practice of transplantation.

The role of industry and private organizations in the promotion of the highest quality research has never been more vital. The scarcity of federal funding and the increased competition for institutional funds for transplantation and immunology research are a stark reminder of how quickly these fields could descend into stagnancy.

There is a way forward

We must develop a new generation of medications that are safer and more effective, we must develop new tests to help doctors monitor and optimize medication therapy for each individual patient, and we must create an environment for the transplanted organ so that rejection is taken off the table forever. It's possible to develop new mobile apps that will significantly improve survival rates by directly engaging patients in managing their prescribed medication regimen. It's possible to engineer new organs using stem cells that have been genetically modified to suppress organ rejection. All of this is possible, but only if we have the necessary support for research.

The Transplantation and Immunology Research Network is looking for active partners in the promotion of research in these fields, partners who share the same vision of doubling long-term graft survival and optimize patient quality of life through transformative, multidisciplinary, basic, translational, and clinical research. For general inquiries, email or contact one of the TIRN leaders.

TIRN would like to thank the following research partner for supporting a TIRN initiative:

Wood MacMillan Fund
Supported the AST Transplant Nursing Grant