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Transplantation and Immunology Research Network

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TIRN Researcher Registry

Where We're Going and How We'll Get There

The TIRN Researcher Registry is an online directory of physicians, scientists, and other medical professionals performing research in transplantation and immunology.

Researchers can use the registry to connect with others and ask questions, share ideas, or collaborate on a project.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can use the registry to identify potential research partnerships.

Who Can View the TIRN Researcher Registry?

Anyone may access the TIRN Researcher Registry website – from researchers to pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies to the general public.

Who Can Create a Profile on the TIRN Researcher Registry?

Only AST members can create a profile. Any AST member involved in transplant research (basic, clinical, and/or translational science) should take advantage of this member benefit: join the registry and create a personal profile.

Not an AST member? Join AST.

Already an AST member? Join the TIRN Researcher Registry.

How do I Create a TIRN Researcher Registry Profile?

  • Make sure you have a current AST membership
  • Visit the TIRN Researcher Registry
  • Use the blue "Join" button at the top of your page to activate your TIRN Researcher Registry record. (You will only see this join button if you are a current AST member.)
  • After joining, click on the "Get Started" button to begin building your TIRN Researcher Registry profile.
  • The "My TIRN Profile" option on the menu bar will allow you to personalizing your profile based upon your research interests. You will notice that much of your basic contact information is already present, based upon your AST membership record.
  • Include as much or as little information as you feel comfortable sharing. The "My CV and Publications" library will allow you to upload documents or share websites on your profile.