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Transplantation and Immunology Research Network

american society of transplantation

Where We're Going and How We'll Get There

Patient Care

The American Society of Transplantation's (AST) Transplantation and Immunology Research Network (TIRN)℠ is fully committed to the future of transplantation and immunology research.

Vision Statement

Advancing transplantation and immunology research to improve human life

Mission Statement

TIRN fosters transformative, multidisciplinary transplantation and immunology research opportunities

Research Goals
Research Goals Business

Program Goals

TIRN provides opportunities for scientists to collaborate by learning and building on their collective strengths, expanding their knowledge of cutting-edge techniques, and growing their professional networks.

To act out the TIRN mission statement in pursuit of the vision for the program, the following specific goals have been identified:

  1. Dramatically increase the amount of funding available to support the best basic, clinical and translational research in transplantation and immunology
  2. Seek out and facilitate innovative research opportunities
  3. Nurture and develop tomorrow's transplant leaders through dynamic relationships with industry and academic institutions
  4. Identify and support critical research priorities
  5. Create innovative ways to train investigators in the latest technologies for scientific research
  6. Adhere to and further the American Society of Transplantation's (AST) research goal as outlined in the AST strategic plan, which is to double long-term graft survival and optimize patient quality of life.