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Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Members of the American Society of Transplantation (AST) Transplantation and Immunology Research Network (TIRN)℠ Committee are asked to disclose any financial relationships of any amount occurring within the past 12 months and during their committee term that they or their spouse/partner have with any commercial interest. A commercial interest is defined as an entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients.

The AST Conflict of Interest (COI) Committee is responsible for reviewing all disclosures of potential conflicts of interest, and must determine for each reported relationship whether or not that relationship represents an actual conflict of interest relevant to the duties of the committee, or represents no conflict of interest. If a relationship is found to represent an actual conflict of interest, steps are taken to resolve/remove the potential conflict of interest. Resolutions include individuals recusing themselves from certain projects or discussions where the conflict may exist, or altering the relationship to remove the potential conflict. Removal from the committee is also a possible resolution, when no other resolution is sufficient.

The following committee members reported a potential conflict of interest. The COI committee found no that no actual conflict exists related to the duties of the committee. Reported relationships are re-examined before the start of each project to ensure there are no project-specific conflicts.


Relationship and Entity

Anil Chandraker Grant Support relationship with NIH Grant
Consultant relationship with Astellas
Consultant relationship with Novartis
Consultant relationship with UpToDate
Consultant relationship with RAPharma
Consultant relationship with Dompe
Consultant relationship with NPA
Consultant relationship with Shire Pharmaceuticals
Consultant relationship with Alexion
Mandy Ford Consultant relationship with Bristol Myers Squibb
Robert Gaston Advisory Board relationship with Immucor
Associate Editor relationship with American Society of Nephrology
Ronald Gill Consultant relationship with PureTech
Michael Ison Grant Support relationship with Gilead
Grant Support relationship with Alios/Jensen
Grant Support relationship with Beckman Coulter
Grant Support relationship with Chimerix
Consultant relationship with Seqirus
Consultant relationship with Shionogi
Other relationship with Genentech/Roche
Other relationship with International Society of Influenza and Other
Respiratory Viruses
Planning Committee relationship with ICAAC
Jonathan Maltzman Employment relationship with Gilead
Committee relationship with Global Virtual Laboratory
Steering Committee Member relationship with Federation of Clinical
Immunology Societies
Kenneth Newell Consultant relationship with Novartis
Consultant relationship with Immucor
Consultant relationship with Merck
Consultant relationship with Medeor
Speaker relationship with Novartis
Advisory Board relationship with Novartis
Board of Directors relationship with Donate Life America

The following committee members reported that they had no relevant financial relationships to disclose:
Robert Fairchild
Sheri Krams
Dianne McKay


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